Five ways that you can help a West Virginia small business today.

This isn’t a drill, folks. Wearing a mask when you leave your house will save lives—perhaps your own or someone else’s.“The virus is still there,” says Dr. Clay Marsh, the West Virginia COVID-19 czar. “When you go out, wear a face mask or face covering. It not only protects you from others, but others from you if you happen to be infected.”

1. We get it, masks aren’t pretty or very comfortable. It’s smart to wear them anyway. Try one from Jules Enchanting Gifts and Collectibles in Berkeley Springs. The staff is giving them away on weekdays in front of the store. 

2. Charlie Boutique in Charleston has some of the cutest fashion masks around. Head into the store to pick up a few. 

image courtesy of Charlie Boutique

3. Daniel’s of Morgantown stepped up to make masks for health care workers when its doors were closed by the stay-at-home order. They’re now selling them for $5 in the store, and they are dapper. Ladies can also check out the fashionable masks available at Coni & Franc.

image courtesy of Daniel’s Men Store

4. If you’re in Buckhannon, stop in for ice cream and a face mask at Sweet-A-Licious ice cream shop, or Vintage Rustic and More. Both stores have a healthy supply for sale. 

image courtesy of Sweet-A-Licious

5. Lost River Trading Post in Wardensville is selling handmade masks, too. They’re available in the store, but you can also order them online here.

image courtesy of Lost Rive Trading Post

posted on May 12, 2020

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