Mountain Line serves the residents and visitors of Morgantown and Monongalia County.

The Million Dollar Question:

Are buses running right now? The two-million-dollar answer: Absolutely. Public transit is an essential service taking workers to health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and to grocery stores that are keeping food supplies stocked.

The intention is to keep buses running at full strength for as long as possible. If full service is not possible, Mountain Line will work to ensure vital public transportation is available to meet the most essential needs of our community.

The Authority is taking unprecedented actions to clean and disinfect vehicles and surfaces to protect passengers, drivers, and customer service representatives. Social distancing is encouraged—6 feet apart—on buses and waiting areas, as is good hand-washing hygiene. Please make an effort to avoid touching anything you don’t have to touch in public spaces and on buses.

Mountain Line serves the community in more ways now than ever.

The Property Tax Pass

To make public transit service affordable for as many people as possible, the Authority provides bus passes to property owners, landlords, and businesses that are supporting the expansion of transit service through their property tax contributions.

The Property Tax Bus Pass Program provides a direct return to taxpayers, but encouraging the use of public transit is also intended to:

  • Decrease traffic congestion;
  • Reduce the demand for parking;
  • Improve local commute and travel times;
  • Decrease pollution; and
  • Reduce the need for individual investment in personal autos—saving riders money for their other priorities.

If you own property, live, or work in Monongalia County, get your pass here.

Special Services for Seniors

The bus system services a wide range of riders, from high school students to elderly citizens. To serve seniors even better, those 60 or older can sign up with Senior Monongalians and receive bus passes through the organization’s Nutrition Program.

In addition, NewFIT provides transportation to necessary medical services to those who have no other transportation options. See if you’re eligible and request an appointment here.

Going Where You Want to Go

The bus line provides transportation service to all of Morgantown and Monongalia County, and you can even catch the Grey Line for service to the Pittsburgh International Airport for only $15 each way. Where is your bus right now? Download the Authority’s “Bus Finder” mobile app to locate any buses currently traveling on one of 24 routes. This tool can help tremendously as you plan your day. Learn more about Mountain Line routes here.

posted on May 11, 2020

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