These Mountain State metal and wood workers are masters of their craft.

Whether your style leans to wood, metal, or both, these West Virginia makers are crafting incredible pieces. Customize and shop all of their creations below:

1. A custom cutting board from Double L Woodworking will take your future charcuterie boards to the next level. Double L carefully crafts handmade, one-of-a-kind cutting boards, knickknack boxes, lazy susans, wine holders, and more. No doubt you’ll find something to suit your taste.  

image courtesy of Double L Woodworking

2. Turn Me Loose Woodworks turns reclaimed wood into beautiful pieces of furniture, bookshelves, doors, and other creations that will give your home immediate character. Customize your next Turn Me Loose  piece today. 

image courtesy of Turn Me Loose

3. Whether you’re into stainless steel or reclaimed lumber, Hackwork’s Wood and Steel has you covered. Check out their hand-finished steel wall art, keychains, license plates, and ornaments. 

image courtesy of Hackwork’s Wood and Steel

4. The Iron Beaver makes metal dreams come true. You’ll find a plethora of metal products —cardholders, keychains, fire pits, metal flags, and anything else you can imagine.

image courtesy of The Iron Beaver

5. Liberty Machine and Welding creates metal art to adorn the walls or entrance of any home or business. They also make cooktop fire pits that will last.

image courtesy of Liberty Machine and Welding

posted on July 17, 2020

written by Maralisa Marra

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Maralisa Marra
Written by Maralisa Marra
Maralisa Marra is a summer 2020 intern with New South Media. A native of Shinnston, she attends Fairmont State University, where she is pursuing a dual degree in English and studio art and serves as editor of Whetstone, the school's art and literary publication.