Five ways to help a West Virginia small business. 

It’s a wonderful thing to know exactly where your food comes from. Take it a step further and experience the adventure of harvesting it yourself at any one of these local farms that allow pick-your-own activities.  

1. A family-owned fruit farm since 1954, Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg now has fresh-baked desserts, loaves of bread, and homemade jams for pick-up. Or, you could pick your own berries by scheduling a timeslot on their website. Check for ripe and ready postings. 

image courtesy of Orr’s Farm Market

2. Sunset Berry Farm & Produce in Alderson specializes in sweet corn and watermelon but is perhaps best known as the sweetest berry patch in West Virginia. Take the family and pick your own strawberries the last weekend of May.

image courtesy of Sunset Berry Farm & Produce

3. Four Seasons Farm in Mason County ensures its produce is harvested naturally. From wine cap mushrooms to romaine lettuce and even a surprising fruit crop or two, there’s plenty of produce to choose from here. 

image courtesy of Four Seasons Farm

4. If you love blueberries, Blueberry Ridge Farm is the place for you. When harvest time rolls around later this summer, your family will have a great time picking your own organic berries by the bucket.  

image courtesy of Blueberry Ridge Farm

5. Berry season is just getting started at Buena Vista Farm in Hardy County. Come for the strawberries and stay for the stunning views.

image courtesy of Buena Vista Farm

posted on May 22, 2020

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