WVU students’ return raises concern among readers.

Last week, health officials from Marion County recommended avoiding Monongalia County—in the throes, at the time, of a coronavirus surge. Since then, we heard from more than 100 readers who mostly aren’t feeling so hot about the return of 24,000 WVU students between August 1 and the first day of class on August 19. 

The majority of respondents—42 percent—believe the risk associated with the students’ return is too great. They might be right, especially since three-quarters of recent COVID infections in Mon County are in college-aged individuals.  

40 percent of respondents aren’t feeling much better, reporting they don’t believe students will wear masks or practice social distancing. Only 12 percent say they feel okay about the students’ return—if they follow the guidelines. A mere 5 percent feel good about the students’ return, given that our businesses need the boost. 

Well, they’re coming back, whether you like it or not.

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Jordan Carter
Written by Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter is a fifth-generation West Virginian. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from West Virginia University, where she wrote a collection of short stories titled Black Walnuts. Her fiction appears in The Anthology of Appalachian Writers. She now works for New South Media as a staff writer.