Hannah Jack, a WVU junior studying English and Women’s and Gender Studies, doesn’t exactly consider herself an artist but feels that writing is often a lot like visual design. Her creativity comes through in two digitally created images featured in WVU Libraries’ REMIX, an exhibit opening July 1 in the West Virginia and Regional History Center (WVRHC).

Jack’s “Image 2” combines a photograph of a 1960s WVU Fraternity Hill climb competition with a West Virginia centennial commemorative postage stamp from 1963 and an undated view of Hawks Nest overlook in Fayette County, West Virginia. Of her remix, Jack says, “The image was so dreamy, and I had just been reading about the Hawks Nest disaster, so I knew immediately that I had to work with it. I wanted to exaggerate the dream landscape, to twist it, corrupt it, but also to replicate the graceful lines in the original photo.”

Jack’s “Image 3” makes use of an undated aerial photograph of Beechurst Avenue and the WVU downtown campus. “I thought that the lines made by the PRT track and trees were gorgeous, so I simply rotated the original shot.”

The WVU Libraries Art in the Libraries REMIX project calling for digital and print collage remix artworks using the WVRHC archives drew dozens of submissions. exhibits.lib.wvu.edu

written by Sally Deskins
images by Hannah Jack

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