Cheese Louise offers comfort food done right.

Steamy, crusted bread, melting layers of cheese, and a cup filled with robust homemade flavors reminiscent of childhood: Nothing pairs better than a buttery grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of frothy tomato soup. Cheese Louise owner and Morgantown native Lawton Parnell whips up all sorts of gooey variations of this classic combo in a tiny kitchen located in the big bend of Willey Street. The new eatery, which opened in early March, offers five kinds of cheese—which are stacked and melted on French bread from Breadworks in Pittsburgh—and an assortment of tasty add-ins. Customers can also choose from among four other sandwiches on the menu and can even order PB&J with their grilled cheese—peanut butter and jelly bread pudding, that is. Parnell’s favorite sandwich? The CaliGuac: creamy gruyere and muenster cheese that strings apart when you separate the hot sandwich, revealing wheels of jalapeno, layers of avocado, and other veggies between the sheets of soft French bread. Every item is homemade and prepared fresh each day. The soups are made from scratch, down to the stock and broth. Parnell cooks the restaurant’s signature gumbo from a recipe his great-grandmother created. Cheese Louise—which also offers American, pepper jack, and cheddar options—is home-cooked comfort on a budget.