Five West Virginia artists whose work will draw you in. 

image courtesy of Reflection in a Pool

These Mountain State artists encapsulate the true beauty and essence of West Virginia through their impassioned artwork. Check them out and shop their unique designs and pieces.  

1. Nature is the inspiration for Logan Schmitt Illustration. Schmitt meticulously uses thousands of lines to render natural forms and floods the spaces with flat colors to evoke an engaging and clean design. Get a Logan Schmitt print today. 

image courtesy of Logan Schmitt

2. Vibrant beauty and immersive, bold presence are the essence of Lauren Adams Art. Brighten up your space with one of her abstract paintings inspired by organic forms and landscapes that evoke a sense of calm. 

image courtesy of Lauren Adams Art

3. A self-taught and determined photographer—Jesse Thornton—is behind Reflection in a Pool, and he creates beautiful long-exposure work and astrophotography. He’s addicted to chasing down the beauty nature has to offer, especially warm scenic vistas and the forgotten night sky. 

image courtesy of Reflection in a Pool

4. Wayward Daughter Art + Design creates beautiful quilts, playful zines, and various cheerful prints designed to make people happy. Snag your very own piece of joy today. 

5. Octavia Spriggs Studio creates nostalgic and otherworldly outdoor paintings. She’s an oil painter and watercolor artist who travels and hikes to discover the most exquisite locations throughout the Mountain State and beyond. Explore her original pieces, prints, and stationery

image courtesy of Octavia Spriggs Studio
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Maralisa Marra
Written by Maralisa Marra
Maralisa Marra is a summer 2020 intern with New South Media. A native of Shinnston, she attends Fairmont State University, where she is pursuing a dual degree in English and studio art and serves as editor of Whetstone, the school's art and literary publication.