If you’re tired of being indoors this winter, take a step outside and work those office kinks out.

Whether it be early afternoon or evening, the Morgantown Ice Arena keeps the rink glossy for you and your party. Lace up your skates and slide on around the rink this weekend. Don’t worry if you need to grip the wall—we all start somewhere.

If skating doesn’t suit your taste, hit the hills of Dorsey’s Knob Park. The park is open until sunset and is a popular escape when it’s snowy. If there’s no snow, the trails surrounding Sky Rock make for a refreshing hike and great views.

If you’re near Evansdale campus when the snow strikes, Law School Hill is a popular student attraction for sledding. You can find students using anything from trash bags to baskets, so next time you’re looking to do some sledding—or laughing—keep this hill in mind.

If you’re in the mood for snow but Mother Nature isn’t, not to worry—Chestnut Ridge Park will make the snow for you. Bundle up and grab a tube. Follow their Facebook page for updates so you can plan a trip as soon as possible.

If there’s snow and tubing is too tame for you, Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area has cross-country skiing trails that feel like they’re miles from town but are really just a few minutes out. Pack up your skis and head out next time it snows. If the winding trails don’t give you a thrill, the view of snowy Appalachia surely will.

Morgantown magazine staff file photograph

Damon Rouse
Written by Damon Rouse
Damon is an undergraduate at West Virginia University studying professional writing and editing. As a Wheeling, West Virginia native and an aspiring creative writer, he is interning with New South Media in the spring 2020 semester to hone his craft. If he isn’t at the library writing and revising short stories, he finds joy in instructing Muay Thai for the university, playing video games, or exploring the natural beauties West Virginia has to offer. Outside of the academic and professional world, he is the proud older brother of twelve siblings.