Come New Year’s Day, folks are setting aside the Christmas cookies and picking up the dumbbells. Getting fit is a great resolution, but chugging away at the elliptical for the next 12 months is going to get old fast. Here are five Morgantown gyms guaranteed to make sweating fun—at least, once you catch your breath.

Splash into the water at the new, state-of-the-art Aquatic Center at Mylan Park. Opened this past fall, the center features a community pool that everyone from tots to pros can enjoy. You can do your laps in one of the six lanes while the kids slip down water slides. On mornings when you’re not feeling like a fish, hit up the cardio and weight-lifting equipment in the fitness room. Memberships and visit passes are available.

Learn your ABC’s—AMRAPs, burpees, and cardio, that is—at CrossFit Ridgeline. There’s a reason CrossFit enthusiasts have turned the strength and conditioning program into a nationwide craze. The ever-changing WODs, or Workouts of the Day, keep sessions interesting, and the community-driven atmosphere fuels motivation all year long. No matter your fitness level and experience, CrossFit Ridgeline coaches are always willing to help modify the exercises so you crush your personal goals.

Cyclists love working up a sweat at Cycle Fusion, but the Cheat Lake fitness studio has more than top-of-the-line bikes. Get your zen on in a traditional yoga class, swing from a hammock with aerial yoga, or feel your heart pump during a boot camp or circuit session.

Ground Zero Fighting Systems can help you get in shape and stay safe. The martial arts school offers training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and more. Kids can even learn discipline and focus with jiu-jitsu and boxing lessons. Skilled instructors also teach self-defense seminars so you can be prepared to protect yourself and your family should trouble strike.

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s you at an aerial class at Soar Fitness. Learn how to flip and twist while swinging from the ceiling in a full-body workout that’s so much fun, you won’t realize it was a workout until the next day. Participants rave about the unique way to both get active and gain self-confidence.

Getting more exercise doesn’t have to mean endless hours on a treadmill. Try a new workout this new year, and find something you enjoy doing—whether that’s hitting the punching bag or the yoga mat.

photograph courtesy of Soar Fitness Studio


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Jess Walker
Written by Jess Walker
Jess Walker came to West Virginia to pursue her master’s degree in English, but stayed for the culture, nature, and stories. She writes for WV Living and Morgantown magazines. Her best ideas happen when she’s outdoors, preferably near a river and with a cup of coffee in hand.