Are you practicing social distancing? We’ve got your back. Stay connected the audio way with these five podcasts about or recorded in Morgantown—search for them wherever you find podcasts.

If you’re into multi-episode podcast stories, you can’t do better than Kromatic Media’s Mared & Karen: The WVU Co-Ed Murders. Dive deep into the unsolved 1970 disappearance of two WVU freshmen, whose whereabouts were unknown for four months until their decapitated bodies were finally discovered. This story examines every piece of evidence through crime scene details, local police testimony, and interviews with those directly involved, across eight episodes. If you’re looking for something shorter, check out Cradle Will Rock: The Uninterment of Harry Spitz, also from Kromatic Media. This one-episode podcast tells the story of a 1975 incident in which the coffin of young Harry Spitz, in Morgantown’s Oak Grove Cemetery, rose up out of the ground without explanation 63 years after his burial. Tune in to see if you can piece together these unsolved Morgantown puzzles. 

Looking for pop culture discussion? Look no further than I’d Be Friends With Us by best friends and co-workers Jaime Ames and C’Anna Brown. Each episode delivers a variety of topics—from movies and music to celebrity and global news. A recent episode highlights the duo’s latest Netflix binges, the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, and an update on what’s happening with America’s favorite unroyals—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. If you’re keen on what the world’s gossiping about, this podcast is for you. Jaime and C ’Anna are keeping their distance via Facebook right now; check them out there, or catch back episodes here.

A Frightful Fret with Melysette is one of our favorites from the Morgantown-based Hyphen Podcast Group. Meylsette does the work for you, delivering audiobooks of history’s most infamous pieces of haunting and disturbing literature. She’s currently delving into Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. If literature doesn’t suit your fancy, check out any of Hyphen’s podcasts at

Follow inspiring efforts by those who aim to change Appalachia’s future, one episode at a time, with the Sparked podcast from WVU Magazine. In the latest episode, you’ll learn about the social prejudice against the Appalachian dialect through the experience of four middle school girls who tried to change the way they talk in order to be accepted by others. Each episode has its own story to tell, and within it, a chance to normalize Appalachian culture for the rest of the world. 

Finally, podcast-adjacent, social distancing is a great opportunity to finally do the Historic Downtown Morgantown Audio Walking Tour. Explore the rich history of this community, from High Street to South Park. Learn what life used to be like in Morgantown before it became a large university town, and long before social distancing.

photographed by Zack Harold
posted on March 20, 2020

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Isabel Thubron
Written by Isabel Thubron
A junior at Morgantown High School, Isabel Thubron is known for prodding her classmates to see the brighter side of things. When she isn’t developing her creative writing chops, she loves spending time with her family and shouting Jeopardy answers a little bit louder than necessary.