Five ways to help a West Virginia maple syrup-making small business today.

Maple syrup production in West Virginia could one day give Vermont a run for its money. If your cupboard is lacking in syrup, you don’t have to go far to resupply. Check out these Mountain State syrup makers who would love to sell you their products. 

1.  In the Northern Panhandle, check out Family Roots Farm in Wellsburg, Sweetcreek Sugarworks in Sistersville, or Cedar Run Farm in Friendly. You can also get syrup from Minner Maple Farm in Rockport if you’re in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Or stop by the W.I.T. Farm in Leon in the Metro Valley. 

image courtesy of Family Roots Farm

2. Check out Flanigan Family Maple in Pritchard, Hill ‘N Hollow Family Farm & Sugarworks in Griffithsville, Tom’s Creek Family Farm in Wayne, or Ronk Family Farm in Alum Creek down in the Hatfield-McCoy area. 

image courtesy of Flanigan Family Maple

3. The southeastern part of the state is home to plenty of local maple syrup makers. Buy a bottle from Moonstruck Maple in Brooks, Daniels’ Maple Products in Dawson, or Nightfall Ridge in Union. 

image courtesy of Moonstruck Maple

4. Head to the highlands for a visit to Frostmore Farm in Dunmore, Loafer’s Glory WV in Franklin, Cool Hollow Maple Farm in Sugar Grove, Spruce Knob Maple in Harman, or Indian Water Maple Company in New Creek. 

image courtesy of Frostmore Farm

5. Mountaineer Country’s resident maple syrup maker is the Heasley Homestead in Bruceton Mills. Head a little farther east into the Eastern Panhandle for a visit to Samara Farm in Berkeley Springs. Or head south and buy a bottle or two from Lanagan’s Lodge in Gassaway. 

image courtesy of Heasley Homestead Maple

posted on May 13, 2020

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