Employees at Chuck’s Furniture and Mattress take pride in connecting customers with pieces they feel good about.

For 50 years, Chuck’s Furniture and Mattress has been outfitting area homes with high-quality and affordable furnishings. Today, three generations work together with long-time employees to bring customers personalized service.

Chuck’s employee Rick McEwuen is no stranger to the furniture business. “I’ve sold furniture for most of my life, and I’ve been an interior designer for 30 years.” After working at other establishments in town, he joined Chuck’s five years ago. “Working at Chuck’s is like working with family,” McEwuen says. “The owners treat employees really well, and we have a wonderful warehouse staff. When I sell them something, I know with confidence that it will be delivered in good shape. We really take care of customers from the moment they walk in the door to the delivery of the product.”

Customer service is important to McEwuen. “As an interior designer my job is to make the customer’s house reflect their own taste,” he says. “I take the time to find the right pieces for their room, because I want them to love it for a long, long time. “

One product line that he particularly loves is Gat Creek. “When I show customers Gat Creek products, I tell them it is made in West Virginia by West Virginians. Not only is it well-designed and well-made, all the lumber comes from local hardwoods and keeps our West Virginia people working. It is truly a great product,” he says.

Customers who purchase Gat Creek are always thrilled with their product, McEwuen says. “It can be customized. They can make a table taller or shorter, or if you need a case good in a slightly different size, they can accommodate you. Each piece is bench-made and signed and dated on the bottom.”

When McEwuen shows customers Gat Creek products, he loves sharing stories from his trips to the factory in Berkeley Springs, where he meets the builders and witnesses the care and detail that go into making each piece of furniture. “I’ve toured the factory three times, and it is always interesting,” he says. “Gat recently converted the plant to LED lighting with solar panels on the roof. In the winter they use the sawdust to heat the space. He has streamlined the process with state-of-the-art equipment. It is amazing to see.”

Chuck’s not only supports local businesses, but has made a point to buy as much American-made furniture as it can. “One of the things that separates us from others is that we always try to price things at the lowest possible price, so that our customers can afford the best quality possible.”

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