Bring West Virginia’s heritage into your home.

In 1896 Seneca Glass Company relocated from Fostoria, Ohio, to Morgantown, West Virginia, where it operated until 1983. At one time, it was the largest producer of drinking glasses in the United States. Early on it was known for its fine quality decorative and etched glassware, but in the 1950s Seneca launched more casual patterns. Today, Seneca Glass is highly collectible. Here are a few examples of Seneca glassware that can still be seen in displays at the old factory site, now called the Seneca Center on Beechurst Avenue in Morgantown.

Driftwood Casual series in heather, cereal or salad bowl. NOTE: This was only color in the series made with lime crystal instead of the standard lead crystal.

Driftwood Casual series in peacock blue; 56 oz. pitcher

Driftwood Casual series Amethyst sherbet 5 oz. and goblet, footed, 13 oz.

Cocktail with figural (modest nude) frosted stem, evergreen bowl

The Fashionable series, in black, low stem juice/wine glass, 6 oz.

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