Eloquence Antiques & Artisans has a new spot in an old mall.

Spring—or summer—is the perfect season for brightening your home. In search of inspiration, many locals browse the aisles of Eloquence Antiques & Artisans for restored furniture, handcrafted woodwork, vintage pottery, original stained glass, and other rarities. With one-of-a-kind items from more than 100 vendors spanning West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, this shop offers something for everyone.

On entering the new location in the old mall at Greenbag Road, regular and
new shoppers will immediately sense the adventure that awaits them. The large, open-floor layout holds aisles of carefully constructed and staged displays. Each 9-by-9-foot booth is a different boutique—and, taken together, they offer an experience that owner April Black likens to a treasure hunt.

Black initially opened Eloquence Antiques & Artisans on The Mileground
in May 2017 after returning from a soulseeking European adventure. While talking with antique store owners in Italy and artisan shop owners in Spain, she began imagining one spot that merged both business types. She left a corporate career to turn her dream into a reality, and, she confirms, “has never looked back.”

At Eloquence Antiques & Artisans, April aims to make her vendors successful and her customers happy. Eventually, this meant scouting out a new location with a lot of square footage, an ample parking lot, and
wheelchair accessibility. Once she found the perfect space, she spent two months renovating it with her dad. Ahead of the opening on February 15, April invited all vendors to see their dedicated sections of the shop and challenged them to get creative.

Everyone’s efforts have paid off—the result is a delightful and diverse place
with as many stories as there are items inside. “It’s a fantastic place to shop for gifts,” says April, “or to just take a stroll down memory lane.” While dropping off welded art, her youngest vendor, a 9-year-old boy, eyed a rotary phone for the first time and just had to buy it. Some shoppers stop by for West Virginia–made crock stoneware or marbles, and others end up renting trucks to transport recycled barnwood or church pews. Others still drop in to register for upcoming furniture painting workshops.

Inventory turnover is swift, and April points out that new pieces arrive daily. “Customers keep coming back,” she explains, “because of the excitement paired with the unknown.” In any given visit, it’s easy to find something you remember seeing perched on a shelf in your grandmother’s house. It’s not uncommon to overhear shared recollections and excited gasps.

When social activities return and you’re ready to shop, you can glimpse
Eloquence’s latest wares on the shop’s Facebook page. 5000 Greenbag Road,
724.880.1506, facebook.com/eloquencewv

posted on June 3, 2020

written by Beth Staley

images courtesy of Eloquence Antiques & Artisans

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