Morgantown’s dining scene got a boost in 2017 with the addition of Vietnamese cuisine—especially, in this writer’s judgement, with pho (“fuh”): an inspired flavor and texture combination of thinly sliced meats, blanched rice noodles, and garnishes like crunchy bean sprouts, fragrant basil, and sweet hoisin and hot chili sauces. It’s the bone broth that really makes pho stand out. Simmered beef or chicken bones develop a soup base that is both rich and light, a broth that smells and tastes great and feels deeply nourishing. Liquid health.

At Pho Hung—named for owner Hung Hoang, a native of Saigon—the globally popular Vietnamese street dish comes in many varieties, including meatball, shrimp, and seafood. Non-pho offerings include chicken or beef satay, lemongrass soup, rice-based entrees, bun—a rice vermicelli dish with a variety of additions—and spring rolls served with peanut sauce.

Pho Hung’s space in Westover feels contemporary and comfortable, and the restaurant’s servers are industrious. It’s a welcome addition to Morgantown’s dining diversity. — PK

21 Commerce Drive, Westover, 304.292.5622, “Pho Hung Westover” on Facebook

Pam Kasey
Written by Pam Kasey
Pam Kasey has traveled, brewed, farmed, counseled, and renovated, but most loves to write. She has degrees in economics from the University of Chicago and in journalism from West Virginia University. She loves celebrating Morgantown and West Virginia as executive editor at New South Media.