A good pet shop is a sanctuary for animals as colorful as the people hoping to take them home. The atmosphere at Exotic Jungle is exactly as advertised—exotic, hospitable, and teeming with character. The number of standout characters is too much to name here: Marley the Savannah Monitor, who wore a sporty Santa uniform in December; parakeets jumping laps around each other; one cat sleeping on top of a boa cage and another looming regally over the shop atop its play tower—just another Saturday morning at Exotic Jungle. The store boasts options for all kinds of pet owners, offering a myriad of food and accessories for your furry, feathered, or scaly friends. The shop doesn’t treat its animals as a business commodity, but as members of the family. — JJ

1716 Mileground Road, 304.296.8552 “Exotic Jungle Pet Superstore” on Facebook


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