Years ago, Allan Feldman went out  looking to buy a house. He ended up with a laundromat instead.

Feldman was a licensed real estate agent and was inspecting a home as a possible investment. He decided it wasn’t right for his purposes, but the owner casually mentioned that he also had a laundromat for sale. Almost on impulse, Feldman jumped into the laundry business.

“It was a smoky, awful-looking place inside, lots of old ladies losing their money,” he says with a laugh.

The Laundry, which Feldman co-owns with his wife, is the exact opposite of that. The facilities are clean and especially modern. Customers can pay to activate washers and dryers with a phone app or swipe a credit card at a kiosk. Machines also accept quarters, but anyone with a debit or credit card no longer has to feed wrinkled bills into change machines to do their wash.

“It’s in a terrific location, because lots of these buildings nearby don’t have washers and dryers,” Feldman says, “but we get people from all around the area.”

It’s not just households The Laundry is marketing itself to these days. This year it’s expanding into the business world. It offers complete door-to-door service for uniforms and food prep clothing—pickup, wash, fold, and delivery—which local establishments like Saladworks at Suncrest Towne Centre are taking advantage of. Feldman hopes offering free quotes and 50 percent off a first order will attract more business clients in 2018.

You can find The Laundry at its website, which is also its motto: The Dirty Come Clean. — KP

441 Brockway Avenue, 304.241.5616,


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