Good works happen every day at Christian Help. A man had no electricity for over a month, and this nonprofit helped him get it back. A woman from out of town was at the hospital. She had no family and no clothes to wear, and Christian Help gave her clothes and items to help her during her stay. A young couple adopted a baby born to an addict, and Christian Help gave them formula, diapers, linens, and furniture to help the them better care for the newborn.

This nonprofit has served the Morgantown community for 43 years. Its mission? Give to those who are in need. “We feel good about what we get to accomplish here every day,” says Christian Help Executive Director Cheryl Callen. Through its free store and food pantry, it gives those who have plenty the opportunity to help others. “Because of our volunteers, we get to be a part of this,” Callen says. “We get to know our clients and their families and help them in any way to be more successful.” — DFR

219 Walnut Street, 304.296.0221,