Tap list paralysis—it can strike any time in Morgantown, these days. You walk thirsty into your favorite pub, only to stand stupefied before a chalkboard wall of hop puns, ABVs, nitro, and cask conditioning.

“Look for the style you want,” is the seasoned advice from Grace Hutchens at Apothecary Ale House, where 26 rotating craft-only taps and 130 styles in bottles and cans can be wonderfully gobsmacking. If you know you’re in the mood for a porter or a saison or one of those citrusy IPAs that this writer hopes are on their way out soon, that narrows it down. Still dumbstruck? Let a bartender guide you.

If you haven’t had the guts to try a sour yet and want to challenge yourself, go for one on tap and see if you can get a smaller pour, Hutchens says—Apothecary does a half-priced half-pour of any draft to encourage experimentation and moderation. Hutchens recommends a sour brown, or bruin, which tends to be mellow. Or ease into it with a fruit-flavored sour. — PK

227 Chestnut Street, @apothecaryalehousecafe on Facebook

Pam Kasey
Written by Pam Kasey
Pam Kasey has traveled, brewed, farmed, counseled, and renovated, but most loves to write. She has degrees in economics from the University of Chicago and in journalism from West Virginia University. She loves celebrating Morgantown and West Virginia as executive editor at New South Media.