As an endurance athlete, Danny Fink competed on the U.S. Summer Biathlon National Team for a decade. He represented the U.S. at eight world championships and won two medals in international competition as a member of Team USA.

So as a CPA, certified tax coach, and founder in 2011 of Premier Tax Consulting, he goes the distance for clients.

Fink likes to ask a question: When was the last time your accountant or tax consultant came to you and said, “Here is an idea that I think will save you some money”? For small business owners, he says, the answer is usually “Never.”

Most accountants and tax advisers do a competent job of recording what Fink calls tax history—the history their client gives them. They record the correct amounts in the correct boxes on the tax return. But they offer little in the way of planning that reduces taxes or ongoing support to help a business grow.

That’s what Premier Tax Consulting is about. Premier offers proactive tax advice that minimizes taxes before a return is ever filed. It does both individual and business tax preparation, offering each business client the option of monitoring key performance indicators that point to ways to increase profits and grow the business—an accounting service that BOM voters feel hits the target.— PK

1101 About Town Place, 304.992.7416

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Pam Kasey
Written by Pam Kasey
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