They’re keeping Morgantown fit.

Best Pediatric Clinic

Courtesy of Cardinal Pediatrics

Cardinal Pediatrics
Dr. Lisa McBride and Dr. Patti Malone met during medical school at WVU, and their similar passions for health care grew into a fullfledged practice. They founded Cardinal Pediatrics in 2006 to offer their expertise to young patients and their families in Morgantown. Offices and clinics now extend to Bridgeport, Fairmont, Summersville, and Wheeling. Cardinal Pediatrics has grown to nearly 20 providers and has expanded appointment and walk-in hours to accommodate its patients’ various schedules. At Cardinal Pediatrics, a visit is about more than just seeing the doctor. It’s about working with compassionate professionals who treat their patients like family. From immunizations to vision screenings to sick visits, Cardinal Pediatrics makes sure West Virginia’s children grow up healthy from infancy through adolescence (9000 Coombs Farm Road, Suite 102; 1247 Suncrest Towne Centre; 304.599.8000,, @cardinalpediatrics on Facebook).

Close Runner-Up
WVU Medicine Cheat Lake Physicians
608 Cheat Road, 304.594.1313,

Best Orthodontics Office

Courtesy of Boyles Orthodontics

Boyles Orthodontics
You’re never fully dressed without a smile. That nugget of wisdom may come from the musical Annie, but it’s true that a dazzling grin can just make the day seem brighter. When people in Morgantown and Fairmont want to shine up their smiles, they go to Boyles Orthodontics. Dr. Glenn Boyles and his daughter Dr. MacKenzie Boyles-Horan make sure patients are cared for and comfortable throughout their visit. “The consistency and efficiency of our operations are what sets us apart,” says Boyles. “We have a wonderful staff who have been with us many years, and we make it an enjoyable experience.” The doctors and staff aren’t just helping patients with their Invisalign or braces; they’re catching up with families they’ve come to know. And Boyles and Boyles-Horan agree: nothing beats watching as kids and adults start smiling with confidence. “We’re grateful to the community for entrusting us to straighten their smiles,” Boyles-Horan says (9000 Coombs Farm Drive, Morgantown; 1315 Morgantown Avenue, Fairmont; 304.777.4113,, @boylesorthdontics on Facebook).

Best Dental Office

Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Morgantown Dental Group
Now a four-time BOM winner, Morgantown Dental Group clearly makes its patients smile. Drs. Mike and Jason Wilson—second and third-generation dentists—and Dr. Josh Dolin have built their practice around integrity and quality, and they get high marks from patients for punctuality. The downtown office is located beside plenty of parking, and a longtime loyal office staff means familiar faces for every cleaning and filling (142 High Street, 304.292.7307,, @morgantowndentalgroup on Facebook).

Best Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon

Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Akkary Surgery Center
Offering cosmetic, bariatric, and general surgical treatments for beauty and health in Morgantown since 2008, Akkary Surgery Center emphasizes minimally invasive procedures that optimize recovery time and patient costs. Dr. Ehab Akkary limits the number of clients he sees in order to give each his individualized attention. He maintains certification through surgical boards in several states and membership in multiple medical societies, and his center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

In the fall of 2019, Akkary Surgical Center moved to a new location near Cheat Lake and, at the same time, opened Skinsational MedSpa to offer facial skin rejuvenation, hair removal and restoration, and flotation therapy for mental, spiritual and physical healing.

Visit Facebook to see years of rave reviews of Akkary’s patient interactions and medical and cosmetic outcomes—then visit the website to browse the center’s full range of services (1100 Fort Pierpont Drive, 304.241.1100,, @akkarysc and @skinsationalmedspa on Facebook).

Best Health Clinic

Mon Health Wedgewood
For full-service primary care and more, BOM voters have again chosen Mon Health Wedgewood—the expansive practice created when Mon Health System and Wedgewood Family Practice merged in 2017. Today, Mon Health Wedgewood offers primary and urgent care as well as behavioral health, occupational medicine, and workers’ compensation services at three locations across town. That makes basic health care convenient for patients wherever they live and plugging them into the full resources of the Mon Health system (1000 Mon Health Medical Park Drive, 304.599.9400; 1300 Fort Pierpont Road, 304.241.7150; 6000 Memorial Church Drive, Westover, 304.292.7316;; @wedgewoodfp on Facebook).

Best OB/GYN Clinic

Pineview Gynecology
A graduate of Morgantown High School and West Virginia University, Dr. Cynthia Walsh completed her OB/GYN residency in New Jersey, then returned to the town where she grew up to start her medical practice. Walsh prides herself on providing a warm, comfortable environment for her patients. She considers it a privilege to care for women in all stages of life, from Gardasil vaccinations to prevention of osteoporosis. Visit her website to see the range of services she and her staff provide (1322 Pineview Drive, 304.599.8790,

Best Dermatology Office

Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Dermatology Center for Skin Health
As a medical student at WVU, Dr. Michele Maouad chose dermatology as a specialty that allows a doctor to treat patients of all ages. She opened her practice in 2005 and brought Dr. Rola Gharib on in 2011. Maouad recognizes the important role that the skin, as the largest organ and the one that’s visible to everyone, plays in both physical and emotional health. Her Dermatology Center has its own branded product line for acne, anti-aging, and other skin care, available in the office or on the website. Maouad and Gharib stay current with the most advanced care—treating skin health as not only a science, but an art (600 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive, 304.598.3888,, @dermatologycenterforskinhealth on Facebook).

Best Chiropractic Office

Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Apex Chiropractic & Physical Therapy
When Jared Surbaugh returned home to West Virginia with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in hand, he bought the Chiropractic Care Center of Morgantown soon after, in 2010, and set himself up in private practice. A former college football player, Dr. Surbaugh brings an athlete’s awareness to pain management and physical health. He also places a high priority on clarity up-front about costs and on personalized care. The addition of a companion physical therapy practice in 2016 led to a completely new name for the office. Patients must like the result—also see Apex at Best Physical / Occupational Therapy Office on page 28 (705 Green Bag Road, 304.292.2211,, @apexmorgantown on Facebook).

Best Optical Shop

Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Spectrum Optical
Our sight may be only one of our five senses, but it’s arguably the most important one. Our eyes help us with everything from board meetings to bedtime stories. Spectrum Optical knows how to treat your hardworking eyes right. Since 1988, they’ve provided Morgantown with comprehensive vision exams and high-quality vision care products, all offered by experienced doctors and staff. From diagnosing and treating common eye diseases to helping you pick out a new set of stylish frames, Spectrum Optical will open your eyes to how important great vision care is (1257 Pineview Drive, 304.599.7034,, @spectrumoptical on Facebook).

Best Physical / Occupational Therapy Office – TIE

Apex Chiropractic & Physical Therapy and Healthworks Rehab & Fitness

Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Rob Acciavatti and Jamie McGough opened their physical therapy practice at Apex in 2017. They pride themselves on attentive, individualized care—they see one patient at a time. The design of their facility encourages focus: “Physical therapy is often done in one large gym area,” Acciavatti says. “Here we have three separate, smaller gym areas where patients can perform exercises in a more private environment and receive the full attention of clinicians without a lot of distractions.” Also see Apex at Best Chiropractic Office on page 27 (705 Green Bag Road, 304.292.2211,, @apexmorgantown on Facebook).

Photographed by Julian Wyant

After an injury or surgery, HealthWorks’ more than 50 physical therapists get their patients back to work, sports, or the activities of daily living quickly. A staff of physical and occupational therapists, dietitians, and other professionals can manage any rehabilitation need. HealthWorks athletic trainers also work with WVU’s College of Physical Activity and Sports Science to help school athletes train and compete safely. Clients enjoy state-ofthe-art technology and facilities, child care services, and satellite offices across the region (943 Maple Drive, 304.599.2515; 200 Fairchance Road, 304.594.1545;, @healthworksrehabandfitness on Facebook).

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