Five ways that you can help a West Virginia small business today.

The small makers of West Virginia are small businesses, and they’ve been some of the hardest hit during this pandemic ordeal. There is always a reason—a future gift that needs giving—to browse their wares and buy something today.

1. If you’re on the hunt for a unique gift, check out the mesmerizing woodworking of Z&Z Wood Crafters based in Bridgeport.  

image courtesy of Z&Z Wood Crafters

2. Did you know you could find luxury leather goods handcrafted right here in West Virginia? Check out the collection at Morgan Rhea based in Charleston. 

image courtesy of Morgan Rhea

3. Peruse the beautiful housewares created by East Wheeling Clayworks, the ceramics and pottery by Bare Mountain Studio in Morgantown, or the spirited creations by MallyMoon in Charleston. 

image courtesy of East Wheeling Clayworks

4. For bright and inspirational home decor, check out the goods made by Serendipity Sign Co. based in Fairmont. 

image courtesy of Serendipity Sign Co.

5. The Hippie’s Daughter is based in St. Albans and has created a whole collection of beautiful things, from macrame wall hangings to repurposed barn wood home decor, stickers, and pennants. See them for yourself. Have your wallet handy. 😉

image courtesy of The Hippie’s Daughter

posted on May 19, 2020

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Holly Leleux-Thubron
Written by Holly Leleux-Thubron
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