“We are in the business of making people happy,” says Tom Licciardi, owner of Jacqueline’s Fine Jewelry. “So shopping for jewelry should be fun. We aren’t aggressive sales people. We are like family and we treat our customers like family.”

And when Licciardi says that, he means it. His longest employee is his mother. Even the jewelry store itself is named after a family member—Licciardi’s aunt Jacqueline. This family-owned and -operated store prides itself on creating a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere paired with highly trained professionals that can help anyone who walks through the door find what they are looking for.

Licciardi himself worked in the wholesale jewelry business in Las Vegas for many years before returning home. “We have an incredible team—the best customer service in the region,” says Licciardi. “If you have a question or a request, we can help you.”

Jacqueline’s offers many lines of jewelry, such as Gurhan, Roberto Coin, and Stephen Webster, that are exclusive to the region, if not West Virginia. “I travel all over trying to find new brands and unique gems that we can bring back that Morgantown hasn’t seen before,” Licciardi says. When curating a new collection, he focuses on the quality of the gemstone. “I look for pieces that are well made and finished by hand. The quality of design and workmanship is very important.”

National jewelry chain stores have the same exact items in every location, but this local establishment has one-of-a-kind pieces that have gained it a reputation for stunning engagement rings, bands, and bridal jewelry. If you purchase from Jacqueline’s, you won’t run into someone else wearing the same ring.

Jacqueline’s also has a large selection of watches, including the Breitling, Tag Heuer, and Towson Watch Co. brands. The shop also stocks jewelry at all price points. And check out their many unique gift items, notably, a collection of William Henry pocket knives made from unusual materials such as dinosaur bones and woolly mammoth tusks. And if you are looking for an elegant wedding gift, you can also order china and silver patterns or find items like cheese platters, candlesticks, and sterling silver picture frames. You can even personalize your items—whether you bought them at Jacqueline’s or not—with their full engraving services.

Jacqueline’s has also become the go-to spot in town for custom jewelry design. If you have a collection of gemstones, the staff can design a piece and show you a 3D rendering. Or peruse their large loose diamond and gemstone collection and design your own unique piece.

Licciardi takes pride not only in the quality of Jacqueline’s jewelry, but also in the quality of their service. He says, “Each customer is a part of our family. We get to know our customers, and we ask important questions that will help them identify the perfect piece. Questions like, ‘Is this a ring for a nurse who is pulling gloves on and off all day?’ If so, you’ll want to keep it low profile and avoid sharp edges. ‘Does he work in the construction field?’ Then you’ll want to avoid something that can’t be removed in the event of an emergency. ‘Does she have an active lifestyle?’ Then avoid soft stones like emeralds or tanzanite, because they’ll chip. By getting to know our customers, we can ensure that the piece they are purchasing will be perfect for their loved one.”

To better serve their clientele, Jacqueline’s is growing into a second location, in Uniontown. Opening in early November, this second store will introduce a new interior concept. “We are excited to open this new location with a new non-traditional look and feel,” says Licciardi. “But we will still have the same great customer service.”

1070 Suncrest Towne Centre Morgantown, 304.599.6981, 30 South Mt. Vernon Avenue, Uniontown, PA

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