Last week we asked you about the upcoming WVU football season. Here’s what you had to say.

Well, Morgantown, despite your tendency to bleed blue and gold anxiously awaiting the start of football season, things are different right now. COVID-19 is spoiling all the fun, and townies agree by more than 83 percent that fans have no business in the stands this fall. 

Of more than 100 responses to our poll, over 65 percent can’t see any circumstances where it would be safe for football to be business as usual this year. Another 17 percent think the show could go on with no fans in the stands, while almost 7 percent said game attendance might be OK if mask-wearing and social distancing were enforced. Just shy of 10 percent think we should be chanting “Let’s Go Mountaineers” with the full fanfare, regalia, and packed stadium typical of a fall Saturday in Morgantown. 

Only time will tell exactly how COVID-19 infects the Mountaineer football experience. In the meantime, it might be wise to make sure your cable package includes AT&T SportsNet and ESPN—or download the WVU Gameday App to keep tabs on the upcoming season.

posted on July 30, 2020
photographed by Holly Leleux-Thubron

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Holly Leleux-Thubron
Written by Holly Leleux-Thubron
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