Your handy pocket translator of Jim Justicisms.

Governor Jim Justice prides himself in speaking the language of the common man. During his 2017 State of the State speech, he called it “plain talk.” “And that’s what I think West Virginians want to hear,” he said.

Justice definitely has a penchant for using elaborate metaphors and analogies to make his points. He has his own political vocabulary, peppering speeches with rocket ship rides and rainbows, mayonnaise sandwiches, nothingburgers, horsewhatever, and bull-you-know-what.

Obviously, that “plain talk” isn’t always so plain. So the editors at New South Media decided to create a reference book to help legislators, journalists, and everyday citizens.

Justice for All: The Essential Pocket Guide to Understanding West Virginia Governor James C. Justice II, contains more than two dozen of Justice’s folksiest quotes—with handy definitions and translations so you can understand what he’s saying.

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