And try something fresh from Working H Meats.

➼ Make your next cookout memorable by grilling grass-fed meats sourced from local farms and butchered at the new Working H Meats & Market.

Farmers market-goers will recognize the name Working H. It’s a family-owned business run by Terrie Hardesty and her sons Grant and Justin. With the success of their first storefront in Friendsville, Maryland, and their booths at local farmers markets, they opened a second storefront in March 2019 on Fort Pierpont Road in Morgantown.

Why not start your meal planning at the counter of the new shop? Treat your friends to an outdoor dinner party centered on fresh-cut steaks, the top product at Working H. For larger backyard bashes, choose from three kinds of ground beef that won’t shrink up on the grill: a lean beef patty, one ground with bacon, and the only sweet onion burger you’ll ever want. If you’re going camping, fill your cooler with homemade hotdogs. You can even grab a bag of ice at Working H.

If you’re not sure what to buy, ask Grant what’s good. He’s been butchering since he was 10 years old, and he can’t resist the mix of pork, salt, pepper, and sage in the plantation breakfast sausage. If you like it, you’ll also want to try the fresh bratwurst sausage. It’s juicy, lightly seasoned, and, Grant adds, “you can really taste the pork.” Given the variety of pork sausages, you may start planning meals far beyond summer and into next season’s holidays.

Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are all available for special order at Working H. One item you won’t find anywhere else is their stuffed pork chop. Per your specification, each chop is cut thick with a pocket for either cheese or sausage stuffing.

One advantage of a fresh meat market is that it comes with the expert advice and insight of owners who are farmers and butchers. They take pride in raising their own animals humanely, and they require neighboring farmers who would like to sell through Working H to do the same. Committed to nurturing the next generation of farmers, they even get rabbit meat from a 10-year-old boy who’s beginning the trade.

Meats from Working H are all natural and free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. While prepping for a meal, you’ll notice that steaks retain a dark marbling and chicken is packaged without water.

Best of all, Working H is a one-stop shop where you can find a variety of local items—including farm-fresh chicken eggs, duck eggs, jams, jellies, cheeses, and maple syrup. Gluten-free pastas and vegan snacks round out your options, and there’s a suggestion board for whatever strikes your fancy that you don’t see. The Working H name has become a familiar at the farmers market, and now we can rely on it all week long.

200 Fort Pierpont Road, 304.241.1222,

written by Beth Staley

photo courtesy of Working H Meats